CrunchBoards Add On for Xero

5th May 2016

With the growth of Xero and the numerous Add-Ons available I thought I would highlight one of the Add-Ons available that assists you in running and controlling your business. 

What is it?

CrunchBoards integrates forecasting and reporting into easily created reports by the use of customisable templates. 

What does it do?

CrunchBoards is an online software program that is fully integrated with Xero that offers the following solutions: 

  • Graphical reporting
  • Profit & Loss forecasting
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Use it to create KPI reports, historical performance data alongside forecasts 
  • Reports automatically update with Xero
  • Balance Sheet forecasting
  • Utilises financial and non-financial KPIs 

How can it help you and your business? 

  • Measures profitability on criteria that you determine
  • Ease of use and set up
  • Eliminates spreadsheet errors
  • Saves time
  • Creates greater understanding of your business financials
  • Quickly identifies key issues so that you can deal with them.
  • Get a snapshot of your business performance to quickly obtain overview of your business activity


Jamie Young | Brighton Accountants 

For more information contact us on how we can assist you with the set up of this and other software on 01273 701200 or 


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