Is Brighton ready for the 2014 World Cup?

9th June 2014

Is Brighton ready for the 2014 World Cup?



Is it me or does there seem to be a lot less hype about this year’s World Cup? The tournament kicks off on 12 June in Brazil and this normally signifies the start of a busy, hectic and drink-fuelled summer in Brighton – however this time around I am not so sure?!


Are we all a little more aware that if we start to slack at work our workload will become too much to bear and the boss will not take kindly to an unproductive employee – many of us are just about starting to recover from the recession, but businesses are still cautious and aware that one false move could prove disastrous and therefore can we really afford to enjoy the 2014 World Cup? Or are businesses missing out on a trick and if they engage with their employees about the World Cup could that even boost the business?


The entertainment businesses of Brighton certainly hope that this heightened work ethic doesn’t dampen the World Cup spirit, as they rely on over-eager employees wanting to enjoy that school night out and you can guarantee that if England start to do well, the positive spirit will have an effect on both the business and social side of Brighton. The feel-good factor will benefit the workplace by boosting morale and giving employees the opportunity to share in the experience will help improve employee/employer relations.


I think due to the unusual times of this World Cup it is important that businesses take action now and engage in conversation with their employees, otherwise they could suffer from last minute days off and sick days and this will have a negative impact on the businesses’ productivity and employee/employer relations.


At Plus Accounting, we have decided to take action now, we understand that our employees will want the chance to enjoy the 2014 World Cup and we are offering a flexible working timetable over the competition. We think that this will create a better working environment and ensure that everyone stays focused and as productive as they are usually!


“Many of the people at Plus Accounting are keen football followers and the World Cup only comes round every four years, so we feel that the least we can do is give everyone the opportunity to join in with some of the fun!”

Peter Hedgethorne, Director at Plus Accounting, Chartered Accountants


Group Games

Saturday 14 June – England v Italy 11pm

Thursday 19 June – England v Uruguay 8pm

Tuesday 24 June – England v Costa Rica 5pm


Written by Vicky King, Marketing Manager

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