The Brighton Business Show March 2016, sponsored by Plus Accounting

23rd March 2016

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This month:

Recorded LIVE as part of the annual Reverbathon fundraiser! Go to the Radio Reverb home page and press the big yellow button to donate and support this independent, ad-free station!

As you may have heard we are the new sponsors of The Business Show and Laura has Vicky King of Plus Accounting is in the studio for a chat.

Guy Pattison explains the fascinating What Women Want 2.0 research project. They did it 20 years ago and now they want to see what's changed. Find out how you can take part as an individual and as a business.

Lucy Paine from Catalyst comes in to update everyone on the team, the new recruits and how your business can benefit from hiring her team of enthusiastic interns for a project.

Karen Morton discusses the Reverb's Food and Drink Show.

Plus reports on such things as...

The Creative Tech Futures held at City College Brighton. Laura talks to Nick Juba, Carol Lewis and Phil Jones about how they see the future unfolding for Brighton.

Finally, Laura crashes the Chamber Ambassadors meet up. Abby Moreton, Will Straker, Rob da Costa and Louise Boxall explain what it's like to be an Ambassador.

Watch this space for more updates from The Business Show on RadioReverb hosted by Laura Evans.

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