Are you interested in making your accounting system more efficient?

27th July 2015

Are you interested in making your accounting system more efficient?


I'm always looking to see how different companies might benefit from a new accounting package. With cloud accounting becoming more popular, it's easy to see that this is the only way forward.  

As part of my work in the Plus Accounting healthcare team, I have again looked into the different types of bookkeeping packages our doctor practices' are using. Previously there was a split in accounting packages used between GP Iris with 63% and Sage with 37%. However, now that cloud accounting has started to make an impact, with Xero now making up 40% of the packages used, GP Iris falling to 40% and Sage down to just 20%. 

Xero also benefits the accounts team here at Plus Accounting. We can log in at any time to help with our clients bookkeeping queries and obtain up to date financial information for meetings. It also enables us to start working on year end accounts without the need for clients to provide back-ups of their data. 

My favourite feature must be the automatic bank feed on Xero which is a great time saver for any cashbook based GP client. The automatic feed downloads all bank transactions from your online banking. Then all you have to do is start telling Xero what the transactions were for and what account code you would like the transactions to go to and Xero will start remembering these transactions next time around. In addition, you can set up bank rules for regular transactions so that Xero always knows to which account you would like these items allocated. 

You can use the Xero system to keep control of the supplier payments due to go out. By entering the supplier invoices on to the system you can monitor your payables on a monthly basis and Xero will flag up if a payment to a supplier is overdue. 

If you are interested in a free demonstration or would like to discuss further how a change to your accounting package would benefit your practice please feel free to contact me at or 01273 701200.



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