Are Accountants ready for Mobile Technology?

31st December 2013

Are Accountants ready for Mobile Technology?



Mobile technology has grown over the last 10 years dramatically and the majority of people nowadays live through their mobile devices.


The 24/7 work culture is starting to make an appearance in the UK and people are demanding quick and informative answers instantly – this is having a huge impact on accountancy firms and action is needed.


**It is expected that by the end of this year mobile phone searches will overtake desktop PCs**


We have noticed that the way our clients view our website has started to change over the last 2 years. The website and weekly newswires are viewed on mobile devices by a growing number and we have decided that we must proactively react to this change. Mobile users require information that is simple to read, quick to load and relevant, therefore our mobile website will contain the main aspects of our main site and also have quick access to email, phone and directions. We believe that this will provide an enhanced user experience and provide added value to our clients and prospects.


The culture that we live in is fast paced and full of advancing technology, we must keep up with it to maintain a strong market position and fulfil our client’s requirements when it comes to interaction and engagement. Many new businesses are web based and directors communicate solely from their mobile devices and I believe that failure to join the mobile community will mean that we will be alienating the new generation of business owners and this is something that no accountancy firm can afford to do.


Brighton is a hub for the digital community and this makes mobile technology even more of a priority for us– the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow will want an easy accessible mobile website that provides tax and accountancy information at the swipe or touch of a button!


We launched our mobile website in January 2014 and this will offer a more receptive and efficient user experience; providing value to our new and existing clients.


We have also recently updated our website and believe that the homepage is now more interactive for the user, making their journey easier and more efficient.



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