Accountants – Can they really use YouTube?

3rd February 2014

Accountants – Can they really use YouTube?


As part of a concerted effort to improve the awareness of our brand here at Plus Accounting it was decided (by the marketing bods) to create a series of helpful videos to demonstrate what we do and how we can help your business.

Armed with a nothing more than a digital camera, a microphone and a complete lack of experience in the movie-making field we set about creating our first Plus Accounting video.

The chosen topic - Xero online accounting software.

The location – the office boardroom (sadly suggestions of a beach in Barbados fell on deaf ears).

The cast – Senior manager Mr Matthew Benton and our very own Xero guru Emma Hardwick.

The production team – well, just me really.

I thought filming the video would be a doddle but failed to account for some of the more technical aspects such as just how difficult it was to get the camera at the right height or the impact of the light coming through the boardroom window would have on the quality of the video.

Post production was probably the most difficult part of the whole process and I now have a great admiration for those people whose names pop up in the production credits at the end of film. You would be amazed just how difficult it can be to get a piece of pre-recorded audio to match the actions taking place on a video of your computer screen!

These and many other obstacles barred our way to success (not having a stand for the microphone for example) but we persevered and now have two videos on our You Tube channel which you can view HERE and hopefully several more to follow.

Blog written by Andrew Blake

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