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16th April 2015

The 5 biggest mistakes that businesses make with social media


1. Not committing to social media long term. 

This is the number 1 mistake for a very good reason! 

Businesses get all excited about their shiny new social media accounts but then a month later they are already forgetting to update it. This is really is madness when you think about the potential audience you are deciding not to communicate. 

Social Media is your opportunity to share with the world your voice and what you and your business is about. People want to engage with you and you have ZERO chance of achieving this if you arent active on your feeds. 

2. Ive set up my accounts so now Im done profile wise. 

No. You need to ensure that you regularly update your profiles... change images, biographies, profile pictures every few months to keep things fresh and interesting for your networks. 

3. Activity overload! 

The exact opposite to mistake number 1. 

Posting too often to your networks can cause as much damage as. doing nothing. There is are unwritten rules as to how often you should post on each platform. 

A good general guide is;

2-4 Facebook Posts

1-2 LinkedIn Posts

Tweets are different in that the information is more snapshot and volume orientated so anything between 4-10 would be normal. 

Naturally, all content spread throughout the day but also at night, as you will may be pleasantly surprised to engage with a quieter/more engaged audience 'off peak'. 

4. Putting your head in the sand! 

Avoiding any mention of your brand online is a big no no! 

You have to respond to EVERY comment and post made to your networks that mentions your business. 

Good or bad you need to make every person that has taken the effort to engage with you on social media that they count. Deal with their comments whether positive or negative and you will benefit from that as a brand. 

It’s OK to take a few hours but try not to leave longer than a day to submit a response. Amplify the positive comments as much as you can and 'over service' the negatives to show that you care. 

5. Have a strategy. 

It’s called social media marketing for a reason ! How are you going to generate brand awareness and develop leads across your social networks ? 

Plus You need to have a strategy in place that doesnt 100% depend on Social Media. Your social media should feed traffic to your website where you should have opt-in forms, landing pages etc to grow your contact list for future lead nurturing. You can engage with an audience across social media but you need to feed in to your sphere of influence wherever possible. Maybe Facebook won’t be here in 5 years’ time?  Unthinkable I hear you say but who remembers MySpace ? 

Social media is a fast moving but huge marketing opportunity for businesses of all sizes that done well can be a hugely effective marketing force for your brand. Doing it yourself or getting experts to do it all for you it’s imperative that your business gets in the conversation. 

John Corey  

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