Is 2016 the year of virtual reality?

4th February 2016

It has been tipped that 2016 will be the breakthrough year for virtual reality and it will become part of our everyday lives.

Virtual Reality | Brighton Accountants 

What some of you might not know is that  virtual reality has actually been around for a while. When it originally launched, some 20 years ago, it didn’t really take off and people were not really that fussed by it, so it disappeared off the commercial map. 

However, over the past few years the virtual reality technology has improved significantly and it’s commercial message has become a topic of great discussion both offline and online. A number of commercial businesses are starting to realise its potential and how it can have a positive impact on the running of their business and their customers’ experience. Perhaps virtual reality is not just a trend and it could soon become a major contender in the technology world. 

An article featured in the Raconteur in December stated that ‘retailers were poised to use virtual reality to transform shopping by giving customers a 360-degree 3D experience’ – is this just a novelty or will customers really benefit from this addition. I personally think that we are ready for the next step in technology and our current way of living is starting to get a bit boring, so for those generations that get excited by change and development this really could be the next big thing. Generation X live their lives through their phones, technology is a major part of how we work, socialise and run our businesses and homes, we are constantly looking for apps to make activities easier and quicker so perhaps virtual reality will be the next step. 

Looking at virtual reality from a commercial point of view, I think for industries such as retail and travel the use of virtual reality fits perfectly, but how it would work for the average business? 

Knight & Knoxley | Brighton Estate Agents

One company are paving the way for this new technology in the property market, our client Knight & Knoxley is the first, and only, agency in the country to use next generation virtual reality technology, to showcase properties. The use of virtual reality in the property sector does make perfect sense, we all lead busy lives and being able to view a number of properties without even having to leave your home or desk at work will appeal to a number of people. 

Knight & Knoxley have already started to use this technology with their customers and the opinion is nothing but positive; 

‘One of the reasons we went with Knight & Knoxley was the Virtual tours that they offer. Compared to other agents we spoke with when deciding to market our home the marketing and Virtual tours were simply outstanding.’ 

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 Vicky King | Brighton Accountants | Virtual Reality

Author: Vicky King, Marketing Manager @ Plus Accounting 

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